Fly fishing in the Swiss Alps - The road to sucess

From our point of view fly fishing in the mountains is one of the most interesting way of fishing in every aspect. So why travel abroad if action and fun is so close to our places? Of course our fish can’t compete to fish in other countries is sheer size and weight. Our fishing places do have the potential to grow big fish, but as long as the fishing rules an the public attitude to catch an release don’t change, we don’t have much hope for sustainable fishing.

But the landscape around those small mountain-creeks is still breathtaking and the enjoyment when you catch a big trout is even higher because they are so rare. In the next lines we want to show you the road to success.



The rivers and lakes in our Alps are ideal for fishing on trout or char on sight. The very clear creeks in the Highlands of Berne and Uri provide a lot of insects like mayflies, stoneflies and caddis, which serve as nutrition for the fish.



The winter in Switzerland is long and cold so that the fishing season starts around March or even April. The best time for fly-fishing starts even in June and is already over at the end of September because of starting spawning season.



For these small creeks we propose a 7’-9’ rod with a #3 or #4 line. With a short rod and light line you can cast even when trees or other obstacles surround you. As a line we propose a good visible floating line, which is nicely balanced with the rod and can deal short and long casts. The reel is not as that important, it only works as a line pot.


Flies and presentation?

In our fast streams we chose our flies not because of color or shape, the floating qualities and the visibility for the fisherman are more important. You always try to keep the fly on the right spot , for example behind a rock, as long as you can. But avoid unnatural movements like dragging upstream!


Only when the water flows really slowly it can occur that the fish is choosey. These are the places where you can try smaller flies with more details. In these pools it’s mostly possible to see the fish. So observe their behavior and adapt your fly and cast to their moves.

In general we catch fish with nearly any fly there is but mostly we fish flies like Sedges, Caddys, Humpys, Irresistibles and Stimulators, which have great floating capabilities.



The right behavior at a mountain creek is very important because of the clear water. The fish detects fast movements very fast so avoid wading and don’t approach to much to the fish.


If you fallow these few rules, you are ready for a entertaining fishing trip in the Swiss Alps.